Platinum Book Box


Platinum Book Box

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By purchasing this book box, you will play a crucial role in distributing complimentary copies of the Hebrew version of “Hidden Fruit.” This presents a unique chance for you to demonstrate your support for individuals in Israel. Using the included envelope you can compose a heartfelt personal letter, which will be included along with the translated book. Your effort will make a meaningful impact in spreading the powerful message of hope. Watch the video here

This Hidden Fruit book box includes:

  • Signed Hidden Fruit book paperback (English)
  • Translated Hebrew paperback
  • 1 hour live online impact session
  • Companion guide
  • Journal with pen
  • Custom Bag
  • Special Gifts
  • Book mark and promotional material
  • Envelope and letter
  • Personal message from the author
  • Digital content- Hidden Fruit Ebook and Audiobook vision, Companion guide video access, Digital translated copy, Email updates and impact reports.

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